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Morgan Adams (Class of 2020) was a Creative Writing major at the time of writing the poem published in this edition, but is now an Education major in Canisius’ graduate school. In addition to spending her time writing, she is also a member of the Canisius Women’s Rowing Team.

Eisa Hashmi is a senior biology and English double major. Eisa loves sitting in beanie bag chairs but because they are bad for your back, he’s investing in a beanie bag standing desk.

Miles Keefe (Class of 2020) majored in English at Canisius College. He is so appreciative of everyone who came together to make Q68 possible––most of all Q69 editors Simone and Joe and those who donated to Quadrangle this past year. He would like to thank the educators who created his Canisius experience, especially Dr. Cochrane, Professor McNally, and Dr. Woodward.

Alixandra Krzemien-Cohen (class of 2008) majored in English with a minor in Creative Writing. When not quarantined during a pandemic, she enjoys travel, buffet meals, and concerts. Someday, she will relish such pleasures with wonder alongside her husband and their daughter — she entered the world this summer.

Valeria Lee (Class of 2023) is majoring in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation at Canisius College. She loves imagining and drawing weird monsters, but she also enjoys the company of odd creatures in real life. She hopes to pursue studies in entomology and everything else that has too many legs.

Caroline Meleen is a member of the class of 2023 majoring in biology and ABEC. She enjoys spending time with her cats and dog and hopes to have a career working with animals

Megan Miller (Class of 2020) majored in ABEC and Environmental Studies. She thought that she would be studying primates in Cambodia right now, but the world had other ideas. Instead, she looks longingly at her photo featured in the Quadrangle.

Yeardley is tragically and irreversibly a 2020 Canisius graduate, who majored in English with a minor in Education. She is part of an elite group of people who managed to see the Sonic movie before all the theaters closed down. Yeardley is also prepared to spend the rest of her life telling people it’s pronounced ‘Yard-lee’. In spite of everything, she still has good memories of Canisius, and it is with the power of a thousand moons that she will keep them.

Mike Pesarchick (Class of 2021) is majoring in journalism and urban studies with a minor in philosophy. He enjoys photography, writing, the Buffalo Bills and hiking state forests. He hopes to work in the media field when he graduates.

Heba Salameh (Class of 2021) is an English major at Canisius. They are a transfer student from Palestine who’s taking longer than they had hoped to graduate. They want to be a writer, so logically they moved across the world to live alone in Buffalo and continue their BA at Canisius.

Owen Shannon (Graduated Class of 2020) Graduating with a degree in Journalism and English, he has taken the first logical step in the professional career of someone with artistic dreams: marketing. Owen’s day job is pretty straightforward as a marketing photographer for local car dealerships, but he subsidizes that with making content online including YouTube videos, podcasts, and a lot of other random things.

Clare Smokowski (Canisius College Class of 2021) is a Psychology major with Spanish and English minors. Writing brings her joy, especially when her work resonates with others. Clare plans to go to law school and, one day, work in Special Education Law as an advocate for developmentally disabled children.

Ron Ward (class of 2020 – yikes!) was a senior English/Creative Writing double major with a minor in Theatre Arts. As far as he knows, he was also the first openly trans Co-Editor in Chief of the Quadrangle! Now Ron is a first year grad student attending UB’s Masters in Library Science program, and the proud co-host of Something Old, Something Debut, a literary podcast he hopes you’ll check out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. He thinks it’s funny he wrote a poem about being gender non-conforming and then started using masculine pronouns.