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In 2015, our Quadrangle website was created as a collaborative project between the Rev. J Clayton Murray, S.J., Archives, the Creative Writing Program, and the Digital Media Arts Department. Though a digital platform of Quadrangle now exists, our print version will not be going anywhere. Instead, we would like to think of our website as a time capsule allowing print and digital to work hand-in-hand. With the efforts of Archivist and Special Collections Librarian Kathleen DeLaney and Jessica Arsenault ‘16, every cover of Quadrangle is organized into a timeline to celebrate the growth and maturity of the magazine’s outstanding history.

Digital Media Arts and Computer Science student Brooke Ballard ‘15 designed the entire website from scratch. Brooke incorporated as many analog elements into the website as possible, including the logo that was developed and printed at the Western New York Book Arts Center in downtown Buffalo.

Though you cannot feel the magazine’s texture or pages through a website, we hope that ours inspires you to pick up the physical copy and love Quadrangle just as much as we do.